International tandem projects in particle physics - a project-based learning course -

tandem project

To the students enrolled in the master degree in Particle Physics (theoretical and experimental) from the University of Bologna (second year), Clermont-Ferrand (second year) and Dortmund (first year).

We are looking for students interested in:

  • Working on a project in the field of particle physics Possible topics are data analysis & statistical methods, theoretical calculations & predictions, simulations & numerical methods, detector development & performance studies, etc.
  • Building a tandem with a student from Italy, France or Germany. The universities participating in the course are Bologna, Clermont-Ferrand and Dortmund together with our partners INFN (Italy), IN2P3 (France) and DESY Hamburg/Zeuthen (Germany)
  • Presenting results at a summer school on Corsica (one week of lectures, exercise sessions and students' presentations)

The course aims at Master students and will take place from October 2018 until June 2019. A total of 6 ECTS points will be issued. For further information visit Send your applications to

  • Prof. Dr. Kevin Kröninger (
  • Prof. Dr. Maximiliano Sioli ( Applications will be accepted until September 20th 2018.