Third Transnational Meeting, Berlin October 24-25, 2018

kick-off meeting

The third meeting of the iTHEPHY project was held in Zeuthen (Berlin) on October 24-25 2018. Progress on the project has been discussed. Particular attention has been dedicated to the finalisation of the first Intellectual Output, i.e. the web-based platform for an innovative technique of teaching. The second Intellectual Output was also analysed and topics for the various exercises have been defined. A post-mortem discussion on ISHEP-2018, the Summer School, was also carried out and a proposal for the next edition of the Summer School, ISHEP-2019 has been presented. Prof. Maximiliano Sioli and prof. Kevin Kroeninger presented the Tandem Project activities and announced the kick-off meeting that will be held on the 30th October with a video connection among the UNIBO, TUD, and UCA.