Fourth Transnational Meeting, Clermont-Ferrand January 21-22, 2019

kick-off meeting

The fourth meeting of the iTHEPHY project was held in Clermont-Ferrand from the 21st to 22nd of January. The main discussion was about the planning of the IO2. In particular, various tasks have been assigned to all the partners in order to produce and implement on Moodle at least 45 exercises with solutions on various physics topics. An important point on the Agenda was also the determination of the pilot exercises to be ready before the fifth edition of the summer school, where they have been tested. In addition, a discussion about tandem-project activities is also performed. As usual, the agenda foresaw discussion about project management, dissemination activities, budget, and quality plan. A total of 9 people attended the meeting. Only UNIBO and TUD have a representative in person at the meeting, a one from INFN, CNRS, and DESY were connected remotely.